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DEVSENSE Support for Phalanger

Phalanger is an advanced open-source PHP implementation introducing the PHP language into the family of compiled .NET languages. Phalanger gives web-application developers the ability to benefit from both the ease-of-use and effectiveness of the PHP language and the power and richness of the .NET platform taking profit from the best from both sides.

PHP Tools for Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio

PHP Tools for Visual Studio is lightweight but powerful PHP add-in for Visual Studio focused on developer productivity. The integration understands your code, provides smart code completion, quick navigation, error checking, integrated PHP manual, visual debugging and more.

Functional Programming Trainings

Why functional programming matters? C# implements many functional ideas; modern .NET libraries are based on functional design; F# is officially supported.

Our courses, delivered by F# experts Tomas Petricek and Phil Trelford, are the best way to get started!